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We guarantee high
quality overhaul

We take into account all the features of aircraft and their units. A thoughtful approach, strict adherence to instructions and attention to detail by our employees - all this gives a high-quality result. By contacting our company, you receive high-quality overhaul and refurbishment of aviation parts and assemblies at certified enterprises.

Using only proven workshops and service centers in Europe and the USA, we can provide a full range of overhaul and exchange services. Our services cover a wide range of components including wheels, brakes, landing gear, propellers, instrumentation, avionics and airframe.

If you have spare parts in excess of what is required (warehouse surplus) that you would like to sell, send the list to our email address, and we will be happy to make you an offer.

We are ready to offer you to place surplus aviation spare parts at our warehouses on a consignment basis.


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